Shipping Costs and Delivery Informations

Shipping costs:

Starting on January 10th, all shipping costs the same, no matter where you live. Flatrate Shipping: 6,50 Euro / order

This slight price increase for shipping had to happen after spending some time with my accountant, because I’ve been paying much more than 6,20 Euro for most of my international orders and also more than 5,00 Euro for national (German) orders. I am still not charging the whole actual cost I have to pay for shipping most of my orders, but this is a fair change in my opinion.


More information on shipping/custom-orders:

From now on, I won’t combine orders for shipping! This has taken up a lot of my time in the last few years, and I now choose intentionally to spend my time on more productive activities, like actually dyeing more yarn for you! 😉 The same goes for custom-orders and pre-orders of any kind. There won’t be any of that kind in 2018 available, but of course I always appreciate to hear from you which colorways and/or yarn bases you would like to see in the shop!!


Regular shipping (3-5 days)

Ordered items will ship within 3-5 working days (Monday – Saturday). Packages usually arrive in 2-3 days in Germany / 4-7 days in the EU / 7 days to 4 weeks (depending on your countries customs) in other countries.

International shipping with tracking via Deutsche Post – 6,50 Euro
National shipping (Germany) with tracking via Deutsche Post – 6,50 Euro


Customs information:
If I am sending an order to a country where I need to fill out the customs form, I won’t mark it as a gift or lower the value. I will always fill them out for what you really ordered and to the real prize points. If you are getting charged to pay custom fees, I’m not responsible for those.



I am using as few packaging materials as possible and as environmental friendly as possible. Which means, that at the moment I am using shipping bags made out of biological synthetic matieral that is compostable and made out of renewable material, as well as adhesive tape also made out of recycled paper.

If you order more than 400g worth of yarn, I will use boxes (out of recycled cardboard) for shipping, I am always using cardboard for shipping within Germany.

I try not to use wrapping paper or plastic adhesive tape to package your order, because I want to keep the shipping costs as low as possible.

For Germans:
Von der Rücknahmepflicht der Verpackungsverordnung (§ 6) durch §16 Verpackungsverordnung befreites Verpackungsmaterial.