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Delivery time: 1-3 weeks (custom-orders) (details in shipping costs)


This is your opportunity to get the colorway dyed specifically from me for you in a yarnbase of your choice!! Without extra charge! Perfect for sweater quantities or for those colorways that aren’t currently in the shop (with so many colorways I have created and am constantly releasing it’s not that easy to stay on top and keep everything available in the shop). You can currently choose from about 60 different colorways!!


These will be dyed specifically for you – which means that the current turnaround time until your custom order can be shipped out is between 1 to 3 weeks. You will get an Email that says “Order completed” when your order has been shipped.


Currently it is not possible to also include individual pictures for all the colorways in this listing – we are working to create a special “Colorway Catalogue” Site where you can look up the colorway you are interested in. But we did include pictures of how the undyed yarn bases look like – remember that they usually plump up through the dyeing process, which is especially the case with “Witch Hazel”! It is currently the softest and squishiest yarn that we carry, that also plumps up quite a lot through dyeing and washing.


Yarn Bases that will be discontinued as soon as my current stock is sold out:

  • Birch Singles
  • Birch Silky Singles
  • Gold Sock
  • Bronze Sock
  • BFL Tweed
  • Willow Lace
  • Maple DK (was discontinued by the producer)


Additional information and care instructions:


Each and every skein is a truly handmade product – from the handdyed skein to the yarnband and label design. We take great care in taking/editing the pictures of our products so they look as close to reality as possible – but please note that these are “catalogue pictures”, we don’t take pictures of each and every single skein of yarn but try to do our best to represent the colorway and it’s varieties in the photos we use (the representation obviously also depends on your screen/computer).


I dye in increments of 2-4 skeins per pot, so please make sure to attach a note with your order if you want to use your yarn for projects that use more than 1 skein per colorway, so I can make sure that those skeins come from the same dye batch. Depending on your gauge, pooling might still be possible, although I try my best to prevent that from happening with my dyeing techniques. I highly recommend alternating your skeins for multiple skein-projects!


For best results and long wear I recommend handwashing your knitted items – in cold to max. lukewarm water with wool wash. Lay flat to dry.
I am using professional acid dyes and citric acid to dye my yarns (vinegar for stellina yarn bases), but I make sure to soak and wash them with ecological wool wash (Ecover) after the dyes have set and rinse them until the water runs clear before drying. But because of the nature of some dyes (especially reds/ blacks/ turquoise/ blues), “bleeding” of excess dyes is still a possibility.


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Oak Sock, Hazel Soft Sock 4-ply, Witch Hazel 4-ply, Willow Silky Lace, Hazel Soft Sock 6-ply, TencelMerinoSilk DK, Maple DK, Willow Lace, Birch Singles, Birch Silky Singles, Gold Sock, Bronze Sock, BFL Tweed


Aggertalsperre, Always on my mind, Antoinette, Apricot Beauty, April Showers, Baiserhaube, Birkenrinde, Bittersweet, Black Hero, Blue Skies, Blueberry Pancakes, Blumenwiese, Blushing Girl, Brown eggs are hip, Candy Corner, Cherry Blossoms, Chocolat, Cookie Dough, Crazy Flowerbed, Crocus Drift, Eau so fresh, Eucalyptus, Exotic Emperor, Fading Beauty, Fliederduft, Forsythia, Freibadwetter, Fun Speckles, Glühwein, Green Cables, Greys are better with speckles, Happy Backyard Chicks, Heidelbeereis, Hello Buds, Hi Cynthia, Holland Queen, Hot Cocoa, I like to mauve it, Jammin' with the Blueberries, Just Peachy, Kamelle, Magical Spindryer, Magnolia's Promise, Making Cozy Memories, Mint to be, Mossy Pillows, Napoleon – the cake that conquers the world, Old Rosé, Pecan Goodness, Petal Pink, Pfefferminzschorle, Pittsburgh, Porree, Pretty Love, Purple Eater, Red Maple Leaves, Remember Me, Rendezvous, Rosehips are red, Rotkohl, Schäfchenwolken, Schmuddelwetter, Schneeglöckchen, Schwarzwälderkirschtorte, Speckled Eggs, Spring Greens, Spring on the windowsill, Strawberry Milkshake, Tiramisu, Toffifee, Vanilla Cupcake, Vergissmeinnicht, Versteckte Romantiker, Violet Beauty, Von draußen, vom Walde, Walking on eggshells, Walnuts, When neighbors become friends, Wiesenschaumkraut, Wisdom, Young Love