24x20g Miniskeins – #HerbstblattAdvent18 – 2018 PreOrders

“HerbstblattAdvent18 – 20g miniskeins”

Delivery time: before 1st of December 2018 (details in shipping costs)

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24 x 20 g Miniskein Adventcalendar

The prices include the additional 3,50 € for shipping that is needed to ship these out!!


Purchase the Adventcalendar WITHOUT ANY additional items from the shop!!!


Hazel Soft Sock – approx. 480 g / 1920 m in total of miniskeins, wrapped, and lots of goodies


This year we offer 2 different Miniskein-Adventcalendars, where you can open up a little bag containing a miniskein and a little goodie every day during Advent from December 1st to December 24th. You can choose to get either 24 x 10g miniskeins or 24 x 20g miniskeins, and then you may also choose to get an extra 100g skein, a project bag, or both in addition to your Adventcalendar. The extra skein and project bag can’t be purchased without the Adventcalendar. This year all Adventcalendars come completely wrapped and with goodies. These goodies are different every day – a little piece of chocolate/candy/progresskeeper/stitchmarker/bag of tea or other hot beverage/etc. and a few special surprises -> please send us an email with your order-number immediately after your purchase if you have any food allergies, so we can switch out the goodies in your Adventcalendar accordingly!!


During Advent you get to open daily one of the bags (they are dated) and enjoy your miniskein and the goodie and can also share the excitement on Social Media with the Hashtag #HerbstblattAdvent18 and see what others make out of their miniskeins. There are so many great patterns available nowadays that were intentionally written for Miniskein-Adventcalendars, and of course they are also so special for those few minutes during the hectic Advent times to just sit down, enjoy a hot beverage and knit or crochet a little bit on one of those beautiful scrappy projects. I certainly enjoyed that so very much last year and it helped me to slow down and really enjoy this special season. All #HerbstblattAdvent Calendars will be the same for everyone (except for those with certain food allergies of course).


Every day there will be a different colorway, most likely all 24 colorways will be completely new and won’t be released before Advent 2018. I might use 1 to 3 colorways that were released before, but only if those weren’t part of any miniskein-sets before and if I think that those colorways really need to be a part of the Adventcalendar. For example in 2017, I only used one colorway that was previously released. The 24 colorways in your Adventcalendar will be a good mix of lightly speckled, crazy speckled, tonal, semi-solid colorways. This year, all miniskeins will have their own label with the colorway name, but as in the previous years I will share on Instagram the inspiration/story behind the colorway.


HAZEL SOFT SOCK: the allrounder yarn base – perfect for soft and squishy socks, but also great for shawls, garments or accessoires! I’ve used it for many different knitting projects and absolutely love it! Approximately 100 grams and 400 meters of 4-ply superwash sock yarn // 80% virgin wool (Schurwolle, Merino extrafine), 20% polyamid // 19.5 micron




For 2018 we are starting the process of preparing the Adventcalendars even sooner than in the previous years. Adventcalendars are only available in a very limited amount this year!! I will make them available in the shop several times throughout the first half of 2018, until I have reached that limit. Get them while they are still available and don’t ask me a few days before December 1st if I still have any Adventcalendars available as extras! ;-D

Because I always want to learn and improve, I have already started in March with my preparations for this year’s awesome Advent fun, so I can spread the immense workload that goes into planning and making these Adventcalendars over many more months. Which is also, why I want to open preorders for everyone who wants to order an Adventcalendar NOW and not spend the money later in the year. This will also help me immensely in getting them out in a timely manner, so your Adventcalendar packages won’t be impacted by the Christmas Holiday shipping craze.


The preorderd AdventCalendar will ship between October 13th to 20th 2018, and will be delivered before 1st of December 2018.



Additional information and care instructions:

Each and every skein is a truly handmade product – from the handdyed skein to the yarnband and label design.

For best results and long wear I recommend handwashing your knitted items – in cold to max. lukewarm water with wool wash. Lay flat to dry.
I am using professional acid dyes and citric acid to dye my yarns (vinegar for stellina yarn bases), but I make sure to soak and wash them with ecological wool wash (Ecover) after the dyes have set and rinse them until the water runs clear before drying. But because of the nature of some dyes (especially reds/ blacks/ turquoise/ blues), “bleeding” of excess dyes is still a possibility.


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24x20g AdventCalendar Options

24x20g Miniskeins Adventcalendar, + 1x100g special skein, + project bag, 24x20g Miniskeins Adventcalendar + 1 x 100g special skein + project bag