About Me

[hɛʁpstblat ʁeːgiːnaː]
I am a 30-something autumn loving indie handdyer of beautiful yarns from Engelskirchen, Germany. Because I especially love all of those beautifully colored leaves during autumn, I decided to use that for my company name (Herbstblatt in German means autumnal leaf).

I started my business in April 2016 (the scariest and most amazing thing I have ever done in my life), moved back home to be closer to my family, found a great church that I love being a part of (Kirche für Oberberg), and love who and how I am/became as a selfemployed business woman. It’s quite an adventure! With many hiccups along the way, lots and lots of learning opportunities and truly the best customers in the whole wide world! And of course I love all of my yarns and colorways!! 😉


Dyeing yarn full-time isn’t something I ever dreamed of doing (I have a degree in Theology and worked as a youth minister in several churches before I started my own business) – but yarn and wool have always been a very big part of my life. I learned to crochet and to knit from my great-grandma “Oma Mia” and I don’t actually remember a time where I didn’t have a WIP ( = Work In Progress) in either crochet or knitting. Nowadays, I don’t even know how many WIPs I have! Please don’t make me count! 😀

Throughout my teens and twens, I tought quite a lot of people how to knit or crochet, but sadly only one of my friends is still crocheting. I found a great and welcoming knitting and crochet community online (mostly through Instagram and YouTube Video-Podcasts), started my own podcast in 2015 and was inspired to try hand dyeing my own yarn (at first with food colors) in September 2015. I was hooked and from then on started dreaming! Two years later, I am living my dream and am so excited about what’s to come in the future (stay tuned, because yes, I am not by far done dreaming ;-D).

We are what is called a “Micro-Business”, but since September 2017 I decided that in order to grow my business, I have to get others into the boat and start a team, so I can concentrate on what I do best, and let others help me with what I am not so great at. 😉 We are actually now a team of 3 with me, my website designer and my “miniskein-winder and packing guy”! I am so so grateful to both of them and can’t wait to see our business grow and give more people the opportunity to work in this warm and and welcoming part of our world (which is truly all over the world) = lovers of handdyed yarns.